Picnic Drive From Whitestone Farm

It was a perfect day to kick-off the first formal 2018 Piedmont Picnic Drive.

George Lemm and Mark Duffell hosted the picnic drive from the seven-hundred-acre Whitestone Farm in Aldie, Va.

It was a beautiful sunny day and five turnouts traveled a six-mile route filled with beautiful hunt country scenery and Angus cattle. The first sites of the drive were at Whitestone Farm which included the historical Virginia fieldstone homestead known as Cherry Hill, circa 1749. The route continued down Snickersville Turnpike as the carriages trotted the paved road where they were greeted by numerous delighted passers-by, waving and taking pictures of the PDC caravan. The drive slowed after turning onto Carters Farm Lane, which was lined with lovely horse farms and bursting with spring blossoms of pink, purple and yellow. At the end of the two-mile unpaved road, the group stopped mid-point to rest at the Banberry Cross Polo field. A breeze across the field kept the stop enjoyable– especially for the horses.  Tea, champagne, and cucumber sandwiches were served and after 30 minutes, the horses were ready to resume. Laughter and chatter could be heard floating through the air as the carriages meandered at a leisurely pace towards Whitestone.

After the two-hour drive, everyone gathered in the Whitestone Farm party room for a delicious potluck lunch and more fellowship.

The Whitestone Farm carriage led the way, driven by Mark Duffell. Lisa Anderson co-piloted and also drove the Belgian drafts, brother’s Willie and Waylon. In the carriage were four guests, including PDC member George Lemm.

Mary Munster made her inaugural four-in-hand drive with her Frisians, assisted by Bobby Dryer and his famous coaching horn, Tulio the Groom and Monroe the Great Dane. She drove her Van Den Heuvel Presentation carriage.

Lil Jacobs turnout included her BH Flyer pulled by the Spanish polo pony, Elian. She was joined by her husband Smoky.

PDC President Anne Watkins drove her CMS Eagle with her crossbred horse, Czar. In her carriage was PDC Secretary Pat McCann and groom Dennis.

Doug Ward, PDC Vice President drove a Roadster Cart pulled by Red, his draft cross. He was joined by his girlfriend Wendy Bryant.

A special thanks to Mark Duffell and George Lemm for hosting and to Pat McCann and Laura McGhee and the Whitestone Staff for assisting in the safety of the drive and rest stop refreshments.

Photos courtesy of: Laura McGhee

Written By: Mark Duffell