End of Party

Dear Everyone,

Tom and I were so glad to see you all yesterday for our 50th anniversary picnic drive:PDC members and their guests, landowner hosts Shannon and Jim Davis, Theresa Slowik and daughter Catherine who helped so much with the food, and bass players Donovan Stokes and Kevin Johnson. Thanks to the company, beautiful weather and countryside, we – and Sheba! – enjoyed the drive thoroughly, as well as everything that followed. Your many endearing cards went with us to the far back yard at sunset time, where we savored them with drinks and leftover cheese straws. We came home with slightly less bubbly than we set out with, but the bottles you gave raised the quality of the cellar stash. They will be appreciated all the more when sipped from the gorgeous Simon Pearce flutes you lavished on us. Not only are the glasses beautiful by themselves, but we have other SP pieces from a friend who lived in Vermont and used to bring  gifts from the workshop. The Baccarat will just have to move over a bit on the shelf.

We also want to mention something that slipped through all the remarks made yesterday. One reason for the “party” music was that Doug Kemmerer mentioned in his comments after the Innisfree drive in July how nice it would be if we supplied some music on a future occasion.  Donovan was in our minds as treat for some anniversary or birthday celebration (Tom’s 70 in September!), so that just clicked. Our only regret yesterday was that he and Queenie couldn’t join us at an event originally planned for their place. But the Davises more than saved the day on less than a week’s notice, inviting us to stage other drives from Little River. We and Sheba have had the pleasure of driving in your company for 16 years, a diversion we never imagined 20 years ago, let alone 50. It’s our hope there are still many years of good times ahead for us all.


Gratefully, Barbara and Tom


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