Whitestone to Greystone

No, we did not make the trip from Upperville to Aldie via carriage!  It seems our dates were a bit off and on the very day we thought to visit the beautiful Greystone estate, home of Jacob and Jacqui Porter, another more important visitor showed up…..yes, the happy couple welcomed their new baby into the world!  Who would want to view carriages when instead one could look at new life with all its joy and promise.

Not wishing to disturb this precious time, our PDC host Mark Duffell changed our driving venue to Whitestone, a rather lovely substitution.  And so it was that 9 carriages departed the Angus farm, passing by some of best known beef in the USA, and continuing on the quiet lanes of the “back country” between Aldie and Middleburg.   It was a beautiful August day, warm but not oppressive.  The route was well shaded by magnificent mature trees and the footing was made kind to the horses by recent rain.

Mark’s trusty Belgians, Waylon and Willie, guided the group to one of the polo fields of Banbury Cross (scene of previous PDC triumphs!).   There Whitestone friends and staff appeared with Champagne and many tasty treats for our rest stop.  Horses were watered and sponged as well.  Mark leaves nothing to chance when it comes to ensuring comfort for all.

After a leisurely trip back to Whitestone, the group gathered in the ample (and air conditioned!) meeting hall for lunch.  Main course?  What else but BEEF, courtesy of Mark.  PDC attendees filled the tables with casseroles, salads, and desserts to round out a perfect spread.  There was plenty of tea and wine to keep everyone happy as well.

We are thankful not only to Mark, but also to Whitestone owner and good friend of the PDC, George Lemm.  We love his welcoming and jovial attitude and it is a delight to be in his company.


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