Impromptu Drive at Blandy

Those of us who were sitting around and enjoying the picnic at Cobbler Mountain Cellars last Sunday may have heard Club President Anne Watkins extend an invitation to come to Blandy for a “back to school” drive on Tuesday, August 8.  Our own Lisa Andersen will be heading back to full time work very soon…so much for her summer break! This was a way for Lisa to get “one more” drive in at her own pace and still be among Club friends.

Anne and Lisa both brought young horses to this favorite venue for the “go as you please” bunch!  Indeed, it is an excellent place to drive any horse.  The roads and fields are well groomed and quiet and the scenery just could not be better.  Others may have come had we put out a notice but those who did attend carried on the PDC tradition of good driving and good food (heard that Anne’s peach cobbler was a major hit!.)

The delightful day brought out Anne, Lisa, the Baturays, Judy Hahn and Kitty Newman and I’m quite sure a good time was had by all!


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