Well, we didn’t plan it as a “celebration” but that is what Laura Loudoun turned our picnic into when she, as proprietress and party-organizer of this enchanting winery/cidery, set up a table under the trees and awaited our return from driving the peaceful roads to/from Cry Havoc Farm.  Cobbler Cellars is not only known for lovely wine, but is locally famous for its award-winning ciders and – as we learned – blends of wines, ciders, honey, herbs, berries…  Laura placed her special recipe of Sangria and her honey and berry infused white wine into well iced glass urns with spigots.  She laid out glassware, several bottles of wine and plenty of bottles of cider.  It was a feast for our thirsty eyes after tending to horses and re-loading trailers.  In fact, the crowd lingered for so long sampling wines and ciders and those other luscious libations that one began to wonder if they even noticed that there was lunch awaiting us!  Host Wayne Porter set out several tables with red checkered cloths, plenty of plates, utensils and the rest.  He’d brought a virtual mountain of chicken wings to which Club Members added bean casserole, sesame noodles, chopped slaw, at least 4 other types of salad, pickled beets, chips/dips and THOSE COOKIES!  We were thoroughly spoiled.  We enjoyed beautiful weather and delicious food as we sat in the shade while Laura personally refilled our glasses (again and again….and again.)  We could not have had a better hostess.  Or could we?  It was just about 3 1/2 miles down the road where we had stopped at Cry Havoc.  There we sat in carriages and rested our horses while Babs Timmerman and hubby Michael Denny served Mimosas, balsamic -infused Mozzarella/tomato/basil bites and strawberries stuffed with a sweetened cheese concoction.  In a word, “WOW!”   As an accomplished horse woman, Babs’ attention quickly turned from ensuring our comfort to checking on the horses.  Suddenly she was gone, but back in a flash with buckets of water and a sponge.  She offered each horse a drink and rubbed cool water onto any that had worked up a sweat.

This will long be remembered as a picnic drive where everyone was pampered and indulged.  The happy whips were:  Carl Cox, Mary Munster, Mark Duffell, Lisa Andersen, Al Baturay, Anne Watkins, Alcinda Hatfield, Lil Jacobs, and Wayne Porter.  There were quite a few guests as well, including some “horseless” Members, so it was especially nice for the Club to be so well treated!  Maryalice Matheson-Thomas, who it seems is always working, brought 2 lovely ponies to long-line and get their first view of a conglomeration of carriages.


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