All members of the Piedmont Driving Club were invited to bring their carriages onto the polo field at Banbury Cross to perform a Carriage Exhibition and simple Quadrille.  While the Club has exhibited carriages previously at Banbury, never before had they attempted formation driving.  It was quickly decided at least one practice session would be necessary and that only those Members who attended that (under the rigorous guidance of Maryalice Matheson-Thomas!) should seek to perform at this event.  As it happened, even with a good practice session, there were a couple of missteps in the performance, but none which were immediately obvious to the appreciative crowd.  Whips who took the brave steps out on the field to “thread the needle” after performing intricate and well-timed circles were:  Red Team with Leader Carl Cox, Mary Munster, Yovani Sandoval, Sam Davis, and Alcinda Hatfield and Blue Team with Leader Mark Duffell, Lisa Andersen, Barbara Wolf, and Tom Albert.

Middleburg Life was on hand to photograph the polo, the Carriage Exhibition and, yes, Gracie the Amazing Mule.  It was hard to compete with a mule that shoots hoops, pushes a baby carriage, blows kisses and can count, add and subtract but we do believe that the horses and ponies of the Piedmont Driving Club did their best!

Lord of Banbury (as we like to think of him) Nelson Gunnell set up a tent and prime seating for the PDC so we could enjoy our picnic and watch some very exciting polo.  Caroline Cox put together a luncheon of fried chicken, salad and snacks with a variety of wine.  Club Members filled the rest of the tables with more salads, summer casseroles and other goodies.

It was a fun day.  Now, back to the drawing board to study new carriage driving formations….???


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