Sunday, June 4, 2017 the Club assembled at Mary Munster’s Glen Bolton farm in The Plain, Va. For a trot over to and through Dr. Seager’s manicured Chetwood Park.  It is a private home of course, but Chetwood is also a venue for both arena and field polo, home to the annual “Ride to Thrive” charity event and has even been the setting for several country weddings.  

There were six turn outs in all.  Carl Cox led off with his “black and tan” pair.  On board were Club members Bob and Leslie Yarborough and groom Alexis King.  Bobby Dryer sounded the horn as we departed.  Mary Munster drove her unicorn of Friesians with Barbara Wolf on board.  Barbara took the lines on the way home – a first for her!  Mark Duffell took the box seat on his elegant eight passenger wagonette, drawn by Waylon and Willie, his handsome Belgians.  On board with Mark were Whitestone owner and great friend to the PDC, George Lemm and several friends, including of course, Erin who looked stunning as usual.  Club President, Anne Watkins, drove Czar with her groom Dennis.  Tom and Marykay Albert drove one of their Friesian crossbreds, Lino, to a beautifully restored spindle seat wagonette.  Wayne Porter, with Club member Pat McCann as his guest, drove his little bay. (really cute but I cannot remember her name!)  

It was a lovely 6 ½ mile trip down shaded gravel roads. When we passed through the stone pillars leading away from Chetwood we came upon a table set with a pretty cloth and flowers – yes, our “rest stop”.  Carriages pulled up under big shade trees while Caroline, Pat and Barbara hopped off to serve.  There were cups of rum punch adorned with mint leaves, “un spiked” fruit drinks similarly adorned, and water of course.  The Coxes also provided cucumber sandwiches and Mascarpone-dotted dried apricots as snacks.

Once back at Glen Bolton, Mary invited the group into her spacious home.  There we found a groaning board of luncheon delights, the centerpiece of which was the Elk meatloaf she’d prepared.  Side dishes included beets, several versions of potato salad, green bean casserole, baked beans, coleslaw and much more.  Desserts were abundant as well:  cupcakes, pies, and even a birthday cake for groom Dennis!  We were joined at lunch by Club members Maryalice Matheson-Thomas, Cynthia Daily, Mary’s friend George, and one Great Dane puppy (Monroe!), one prize winning whippet and a “chiweeney” puppy (designer dog, it’s a cross between a chihuahua and a miniature dachshund) and yes, we all want one!


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