Picnic Drive at Glen Bolton

It was one of those Spring weekends where we just HAD to schedule two drives. Saturday we visited North Wales (as I have already described) and then on Sunday we drove from PDC Board Member Mary Munster’s Glen Bolton Farm in The Plains.

Truly Sunday was the nicer day, temperate with plenty of sunshine. Unfortunately, most of the Club was off doing other things: President Anne Watkins left for the Windsor Horse Show, Mark Duffell and

pretty Erin departed for Paris, Caroline Collomb and hubby Bertrand set off for their home in France. Tom and Barbara Wolf, frequent drivers, were off working somewhere tuning instruments, giving lectures and whatever else it is they do! We’re waiting for Vicki to recover from a recent illness, as well as Judy Hahn, who has been caring for a sick husband. Kitty Newman is still recovering from knee/back issues. Lisa Andersen had a previous commitment, the Alberts were pretty much worn out from Saturday’s drive, and so it goes….Carl and Caroline Cox, sans groom, brought their pair and Wayne Porter harnessed Tucker. Mary led off with her UNICORN of Friesians (yes, she has progressed beautifully and now is up to three!) Soon after we left Glen Bolton, Tucker threw a shoe…so suddenly we were down to two turn-outs. The trip to our rest stop was uneventful in every other respect. There was no vehicular traffic, only Mary’s friendly neighbors who put down their weed eaters, spades, and potting material long enough to admire the carriages and, of course, to chat.

PDC member Lil Jacobs and her hubby, Smoky, had invited us to their farm for a Champagne stop under a beautiful shade tree. We felt especially sorry for anyone who didn’t show up for this drive. Lil really raised the bar! She served chilled Champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries and “mini bell” cheeses with chips. We were beginning to believe we would skip the picnic Mary had planned for our return to Glen Bolton. As it turned out , that would have been a huge mistake. Once un hitched and un harnessed, we went inside Mary’s lovely home to meet her new Great Dane puppy, Monroe. And, like her namesake, she’s a beauty! After a couple of rounds of cocktails, Mary brought out the piece de resistance, a boef bourginoine that she had prepared using Julia Childs’ original recipe. Just fabulous.

And the day got even better. Just about the time we were wondering how the four of us could manage this huge pot of food, the doorbell rang and in came Debbie Nash and her mother, Barbara ,along with their polo-playing friend Craig and his wife. Soon after, Mary’s friend George showed up with his hound dog, a friend for Monroe to play with I suppose! Everybody had fun catching up (the Nash’s had wintered at their Puerto Rico home) and by the time we all said “good-by” every morsel of food had been enjoyed!


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