Blandy Farm

Several members of the Piedmont Driving Club had been cleaning harness, polishing carriages and  scrubbing horses for days, in anticipation of a trip to King’s Gap Park in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  How far away is that?  Well, not so far that PDC members and hosts Michael and Debby Frost haven’t been able to drive from THERE to HERE to join fellow carriagers on picnic drives!  “If they can do it, so can we” was the prevailing sentiment.  Sadly this trip was rained out…..a casualty of the same storms that flooded Texas and Oklahoma (worst in 70 years…)  Not only did we miss the gracious hospitality that the Frosts had planned, we also missed the mountain laurel which, reportedly, was in full bloom.

What to do?  The Baturays and the Coxes, along with Molly Savage, vowed not to stay home!  Maybe there would be mountain laurel at the Virginia Arboretum? Nope….but there were plenty of beautiful trees and plants and lots of quiet roads to explore.  Only two carriages and four horses, but we pretty much had the entire park to ourselves.  The weather was perfect, with blue skies and white billowy clouds which were in evidence throughout the 7 mile drive.  Ah….the peace, the tranquility, the beauty, the darkening clouds and – oops – the gathering storm!  Could it be that since we avoided the rain in Pennsylvania, it came looking for us in Virginia?  Whatever the case we made it back to the trailers just in time, so everyone unhitched and put up with lightning speed (no pun, please!)   Fortunately our picnic tables were undercover so we were able to enjoy our lunch.  Club President Anne Watkins joined the group.  With the usual bounty of food and wine, and some very unusual cans of (grapefruit?!) beer that Vicki brought, we all had a wonderful time.  


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