Sky Meadows Park

Just because you don’t have a lot of carriages show up, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a great picnic drive!  May 3  brought fabulous weather to a great driving venue, Sky Meadow State Park in Paris, Virginia.  The lush trails were freshly mowed and although driving can be challenging here (because a wrong turn will take you right up the mountain with limited options for turning around!), if one pays attention and stays on the low-lands, it is a beautiful, tranquil and memorable place to be in a carriage.

Carl and Caroline Cox, along with groom Molly, drove their “Music Boys”, Pop and Jazz to a wagonette while Barbara and Tom Wolf found their way with Sheba put to her village cart.  Leslie Yarborough and friend, Emma, rode Leslie’s driving mares astride.  They followed the Wolf turnout and bonded well with Sheba, who is always so sure of herself.  She provided a perfect role model for their future endeavors in harness….

That took care of the “driving” part of the day.  Host Kitty Newman put so much effort into providing a scrumptious picnic that she had leave Redwing at home.  Tables were set under big shade trees and when the carriagers and riders returned there was fried chicken, pork barbecue sandwiches, Barbara’s wonderful bean casserole, potato salad, pie……all that was preceded by Vicki’s selection of cheeses and crackers.  Good as the driving was, it seems that Club members knew the picnic might even be better – Club President Anne Watkins arrived, along with Al and Vicki Baturay, and Wayne Porter – all without  horses, but with plenty of enthusiasm.  Sometimes you might miss the drive but NEVER should you miss the food and wine!!!!  (Might that could be a sort-of unofficial motto for many of us in the Club?)


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