Annual Blue Bell Drive at Kittery Point Farm

Piedmont Driving Club President Anne Watkins hosted the 25th Bluebell Drive from her Berryville farm.  Once again, the weather was perfect and the bluebells were full-out, a mass of color along both sides of the road by the Shenandoah.

As an interesting twist, the rest stop was held on the grounds of the magnificent Springsbury estate.  There neighbors served Champagne and dainty crackers to whips and passengers in 14 carriages.  We had everything from a four in hand, to pairs,

 to singe horses, single ponies, and even a pair of mini’s!  (oops, “VSE’s” as I believe they like to be called!)  The drive was “go as you please”, so folks were free to traverse the roads that meandered through local farms or stay by the river where they could view bluebells all the way to an impressive waterfall.

The Cox carriage was pleased to have Dr. and Mrs. Ian Harrison on board.  As you will remember, Dr. Harrison spoke at the 2015 Annual Meeting.  Not only do they operate Harrison Equine Clinic but both volunteer a great deal of their time to educate adults and children concerning the care and enjoyment of horses.  We were particularly happy that they managed to take time from their busy schedules to come along with us on what turned out to be a beautiful drive.

After the drive Anne hosted the Club, and many of her friends and neighbors, to a delicious luncheon served under the eaves of her stable.  I cannot imagine what time she must have woken up that morning to decorate the stable, cook both a beef and a pork tenderloin and turn out herself plus horse and carriage in impeccable style!  Club members – as they always do – supplemented the feast with an array of salads, casseroles, nibbles and deserts.  Oh, and, yes…..lot of wine appeared on the tables as well! 


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