Blandy Farm

Since it was early in the season and many Club members hadn’t “put to” in a while, it was decided we should meet at Blandy, a favorite venue for the very relaxed “go as you please” type of drive that so many enjoy. Here we gather, harness and explore the carriage-friendly grounds at our own pace, with no requirement to stay together. There are about 7 miles of carriage trails on the farm and it is surrounded by the very quiet paved roads that embrace Long Branch (another favorite venue.)

It was a pretty day, cool and sunny. Caroline Collomb, accompanied by Bertrand and their grooms, drove a pair of her Hafflingers, as did the Baturays (with their beautiful daughter and her friend on board). Carl and Caroline Cox drove their “Music Boys” (leaders in their team) to a surrey. Lead groom Molly was of course there to ensure everything was in order, while Club President Anne Watkins occupied a seat. Kitty Newman brought Farnley Redwing out for a spin. Mary Munster drove her Friesian girls. We were happy to welcome the turn-out from Dr. Seager’s Chetwood Farm, scene of many a wonderful PDC exhibition drive!

Marci Bade and Keith Johnson assisted Lisa Andersen with the picnic. Blandy boasts the perfect setting, complete with a covered patio and picnic tables. As it was Easter Sunday, there was ham, dozens of deviled eggs, quiche, scalloped potatoes, salads, asparagus, and lots of other goodies. We had a great time and everyone left in high spirits, looking forward to the next PDC gathering!


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