2014 Year End

Visitors to this website have no doubt wondered, “What’s been happening with the Piedmont Driving Club?”  “Where are the descriptions of the end-of-season picnic drives?”  Well…..the Club met quite regularly through September, October and November but sadly there was a mixture of computer problems, surgeries (both equine and human), and a host of MINOR events that kept me from the keyboard….

If you read on, you will see an impressive list of about 49 events that the PDC planned in 2014.  All but about 5 actually occurred and we can hold disagreeable WEATHER responsible for those that were cancelled. 

The culmination of the PDC 2014 season was our President Anne Watkins’ Christmas Party in December which she held at her charming Kittery Point Farm in Berryville.  It was well attended and well resourced….with way more than “the usual” picnic fare.   It took two rooms and a half dozen tables just to accommodate the food….and another whole section of the house for the wine!  What a lovely way to end our driving season – all of us together WITHOUT the burdens of cleaning harness, loading carriages or getting all our equines to the venue!

We had a successful and fun season….Enjoy the photos and the memories, and clear your calendars to make room for plenty of picnic drives and similar events in the 2015 season.  We promise even more fun and quite a few new venues.