PDC Exhibition

Three turn-outs from the Piedmont Driving Club exhibited carriages at the stunning Oakwood Estate in Warrenton, Virginia on as part of a ‘Prelude to Autumn’ fundraiser in support of the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra, which is based in Northern Virginia.
Caroline Collomb, “Mistress of Oakwood”, drove her four in hand of Haflinger ponies to a Europeanmade wagonette. As she is both gracious and enthusiastic for the sport of driving, she offered many rides around the large oval in front of the Mansion. And so it was, happy Patrons wearing elegant cocktail attire climbed in and out of her carriage without spilling even a drop of Champagne!
Carl Cox brought his own touch of class to the event as he drove his black and shining pair to a stylish surrey. Three women adorned his carriage, all wearing hats that can only be described as “fabulous”. Caroline was beside him, with Debbie Nash and Juli Kordic in the rear seat. All sipped their Champagne from silver goblets while waving to an appreciative crowd on the lawn.
Al Baturay, looking every so handsome on the box seat, drove the Haflinger pair that he shares with his wife, Vicki. The beautifully matched “Nordex” and “Aztec” showed off a German-made carriage with inlaid wood that perfectly complemented their golden coats and flowing, flaxen manes. Vicki’s floral skirt and delicate fuchsia hat created an eye-catching and pleasing contrast.
After putting the horses up, the group joined the nearly 200 Patrons inside the Oakwood Mansion for cocktails, canapes and several musical interludes featuring piano and violin. In all, it was an exquisite evening, one that the PDC members will not soon forget!

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