Drive From Poe’s Field

Seven turn-outs gathered for a trot down the very scenic North Poe’s Road: Carl and Caroline Cox with their “Black Boys” plus groom, Molly; Mary Munster and guest with her Friesians; Keith and Marci Bade with “Maya”, Tom and Barbara Wolf with “Sheba”, Lisa and Albert Andersen with “Cloud”, Sam Davis and guest with “Foxglove”, and the Yarborough’s with their mare “Strike a Pose” who was on her first solo picnic drive. The young mare is part of the Yarborough’s driving pair and although she’d been with the group while under saddle, it was a new experience for her to come out in harness. Bob and Leslie have been very sensible about the way they’ve started their pair so it was no surprise that this mare performed beautifully – went right down the road in company like a “pro” and stood calmly during the rest stop. They deserve to be very proud of her!
Gale Johnson, land owner in the Old Dominion Hunt territory and great friend to the PDC, hosted therest stop at his picturesque farm. He had invited a number of friends, including several who came “astride”, so it turned out to be quite a party! There was plenty of Champagne, blocks of cheese, baskets of crackers and so forth. All were invited – of course – back to the PDC picnic where the celebration continued over a generous lunch. Leslie set out a beautiful table, tastefully done in autumn décor. She had marinated steak for a day or two, then grilled it to perfection. Yum! Sides included Marci’s sesame noodles, Lisa’s mixed rice/grain/quinoa concoction, Barbara’s fresh-cut string beans among other tasty treats. When in Pennsylvania to have some new harness worked on, Caroline brought back an Amish “shoo fly pecan pie”. That, along with Marci’s homemade apple cake, disappeared in record time!
Beautiful weather, lovely surroundings, and the warmth of the Yarborough’s hospitality came together once again for another great PDC drive.

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