Ride to Thrive Polo Classic

Once again the Piedmont Driving Club met at Dr. Seager’s Chetwood Farm, in The Plains, Virginia to perform a carriage exhibition in support of this charity event. Six turnouts participated, each different and each displaying the very best in suitability to the occasion. Carl Cox drove his Black Boys to an ”auto top” surrey. His groom, Alexis, wore jacket/tie/flat cap that smartly complemented the dark green of the vehicle. Carl’s wife Caroline was on board, wearing a contrasting yellow hat and lighter green jacket. Mr. Bobby Dryer signaled each movement of the carriage parade with his coaching horn. Mary Munster drove her Friesian mares to a lovely wagonette. On board was Club President Anne Watkins looking ever so fetching under a large black hat adorned with a bright red flower. The very dapper Gardner Howe performed the duties as groom. The Baturay turnout of golden Haflingers was put to their finest carriage. Al looked impressive as he held the lines wearing a linen jacket and matching Fedora-styled hat. Vicki was stunning in a fuchsia hat and a scarf with tiny flowers that subtly echoed that bold hue. Mary Munster’s second turn-out was another of her Friesians, this time a gelding being driven as a single by her handsome staff member, Yuvani with his equally handsome brother, Adolfo as groom. Wayne Porter looked happy, relaxed and comfortable — as always — behind “Sweetie”, his dark bay QH mare. His turnout was enhanced by his lovely passenger, Club member Pat McCann, wearing a lovely hat in tones of brown and beige. Lastly but hardly least came Sam Davis who ALWAYS turns out appropriately. She and guest Cynthia Hill looked the part of proper country ladies out for a pleasant afternoon behind the smartly stepping Connemara mare, “Foxglove.”
The carriages paraded a mile or so over the Chetwood roads to the festivities. Each turnout was properly announced before lining up in front of a huge tent. Everyone was invited to come closer to view the carriages, chat with the whips and share glasses of wine or beer. After about one half hour, carriages departed – some took the “long way” to enjoy the quiet roads that surround the farm, others went directly to their trailers. Club members were then invited to partake of a sumptuous Latin themed buffet, marvel at the exhibition of young riders who are beneficiaries of the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program, watch a polo match and SHOP the huge silent auction. There was also a live auction that included a trip to Ireland, a trip to Wyoming and – we think BEST of all – an opportunity to ride with Mary Munster on a special carriage outing at the Virginia Arboretum. We thank all the PDC members who worked hard to display the charm and tradition of carriage driving to the hundreds of people who attended this event, and we especially thank Mary for her generous donation. It brought a lot of cash to a very worthy cause.

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