Temple Hall

Vicki & Al Baturay
Alcinda & Priscilla Hatfield
Kitty Newman
Wayne Porter
Anne Watkins
Teresa Young
After a long layup Redwing was feeling his alfalfa hay by giving Kitty Newman a very sprightly ride on the grassy trails of the Farm. Teresa Young joined Al and me on our carriage and helped serve the champagne at the rest stop on a lovely shaded part of the trail. Wayne Porter was joined by Anne Watkins and Alcinda & Priscilla Hatfield followed to complete the drive.
Afterwards, we all tackled the canopy which needs one person at each leg and one person in the middle to push up the tent portion. “Easy to assemble” say the instructions, right….. After much deliberation it was finally up. We then proceeded to load up the small table with spicy and mild Popeye’s Chicken, three salads; green, fruit and pasta, cheese and bread, chocolate cake, cookies, ice teas, water, beer and wine. The conversation was lively with stories and laughs all around. We also toasted Kitty and Redwing’s come back and hope to see more of them at future drives. We had so much fun it was around 4:00 PM before we realized it. ( writen by Vicki Baturay)

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