Luray Caverns

Eleven Members of the PDC went to Luray Caverns in Virginia on a muggy July day…..and what did they “discover?” Well, many things….the first is that you don’t have to be sitting on a carriage to enjoy one! The Carriage/Car Museum boasts a delightful collection of antique vehicles including many carriages and many more automobiles. It was fascinating to explore the striking similarities between early carriages and early cars…..the springs, wheels, body, “boot”, “bonnet” and dash boards were much the
same in every case. This is a collection well worth the trip for anyone who loves carriages! The price of admission also included a guided tour though the world famous Luray Caverns and access to The Museum of the Luray Valley as well as a model farm and many shops, etc. from a by-gone era.
A full morning’s worth of exploration left us with a powerful hunger so we motored over to the Mimsyln Inn, another historic landmark in Luray. Who knew they’d have a HUGE seafood buffet, a lovely private dining room and a 1930’s era jazz pianist waiting for us? (Probably Vicki knew….she’d done an “advance” on the restaurant because she understands that food is an indispensable component of every PDC gathering…..) The restaurant was marvelous, a perfect ending for a very interesting and enjoyable day!

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