4th of July Rehearsal at Great Meadow

On Sunday, June 29, 2014 eleven members of the Piedmont Driving Club met under our favorite tree at Great Meadow in The Plains, Va. for a dual purpose meeting. Team Cox brought out the “Black Boys”put to a wagonette for a preview of the grounds. Lead Groom Molly Savage took the reins and guided the pair around the race course, past the viewing stand and then over the many inviting gravel roads that circle the grounds. Passengers included the “still mending” Carl Cox plus Caroline, Club President Anne Watkins, Mary Munster, and Kitty Newman. Barbara and Tom Wolf followed with ”Sheba” put to a village cart. Plans were set for the July 4 Carriage Exhibition. We only hope that the weather will be as lovely as it was this day!
Meanwhile Marci and Keith Bade were fast at work setting up tables and chairs for our meeting/picnic. Once the horses and carriages were put up we gathered for the MAIN EVENT…. A very special birthday party for a very special fellow…..our Keith turned 70 years young this very day! Of course there was a lovely cake, plenty of flowers and several very funny cards. Marci spent 3 days marinating the pork tenderloin to which she added her signature sesame noodles. Accompanying dished included a luscious green salad, a ranch potato salad, chips/dips and the biggest, sweetest strawberries we’ve seen this season! Pat McCann managed to arrive just in time for the luncheon with a bowl of cherries and a plate of Pimm’s cookies. We toasted Keith (quite a few times!) with Champagne, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay……somebody said there was delicious homemade iced tea as well (but I must have missed it with all the wine….!)


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