Blandy Farm

Social/Activities Chairperson Vicki Baturay, who designs the pretty fliers sent out to announce upcoming events, came up with yet another great idea! Since the Blandy Farm at the Virginia Arboretum is a public venue, why not gather driving enthusiasts from neighboring Clubs to join with the PDC for a drive through these lovely grounds….with picnic to follow, of course.
Wholeheartedly embracing this idea, Board member Wayne Porter agreed (with the help of his lovelywife, Elizabeth) to host the occasion. Wayne drove trusty “Tucker” to his beautiful new carriage with Elizabeth at his side and Club member Cynthia Daly on board. Al and Vicki Baturay brought two guests along in their carriage behind “Nordex” and his younger buddy “Aztec“. Barbara drove “Sheba” to her high riding road cart, with hubby Tom as navigator. The most memorable turn-out of the day had to be the Frost carriage: The came all the way from Pennsylvania with Mike, Debbie, 2 daughters, one son-in-law, 2 grand-kids and a 2 month old baby. One very attractive and able Haflinger pulled the whole family, save one who stayed behind! They reported that they had a GRAND time and we are so happy to hear that as they are relatively new members.
Perhaps it was the threatening weather (it did actually rain a bit….) but we were joined by only one person from another Driving Club. She drove a very cute VSE (I still call them “mini’s”) and seemed to enjoy both the venue and the picnic.
Since I was not actually present for any of this (Hubby Carl Cox was home recovering from surgery to atorn rotator cuff), I shall quote in part an email I received from Barbara Wolf:
“Not as hot as expected thanks to clouding up and breeze, but once we were out, the sky darkened steadily to the NW and wind picked up. Baturays went first and Vicki navigated around the grounds. Frosts followed us and kept a very nice pace – we were sandwiched by Haflingers! Who knows when or where Wayne went, indeed there are many options at Blandy. We eventually got into the woods on some fairly narrow trails, not exactly suited to carriage horses. But we made it out eventually. We were going to kid new member Mike Frost about giving him the “steering audition” in the woods – and noted that he passed with flying colors! By the time we approached the parking area again there was clearly a storm brewing: we’d been sprinkled on several times, dark clouds were moving in, and there had been a distant lightening flash or two. Time to come in. When we got back who should we encounter but Lisa and Albert Andersen. They’d been riding 4 year olds, acclimating them to the sights and sounds of carriages…..The rain held off and Club President Anne Watkins had arrived in time for the picnic. The Frosts are a cheerful bunch and had a good time in spite of the foreshortened drive; he was just as glad, actually, since it was a new experience to drive in a group and the weather was risky at best. Baby never made a peep and the little kids were very nice. Great addition to the Club, for sure! Lisa and Albert returned as the picnic was winding down but they were hungry and had a huge amount of watermelon amply marinated in blueberry vodka, so they ate while people admired the new Kentucky Break in the trailer, and the watermelon disappeared. By the time we finished the picnic, the storm had blown by to the north and the sun was out.”
It all goes to show that no matter how many or how few members of the Piedmont Driving Club gather together, everyone can be assured of a good time!

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