Your Hat Lady Event

Once again members and friends of the Piedmont Driving Club were invited to gather for a sampling of “Chapeaux and Canapes” at Gertie Edwards’ shop in Warrenton, Va. Your Hat Lady never disappoints! She had a huge collection of spring and summer hats for us to try and we bought quite a few! Among the happy hat shoppers were Vicki Baturay, Caroline Collomb, Caroline Cox, Teresa Young and Pat McCann. Yes, Carl Cox also managed to find the “perfect” hat, this one to complement his newly acquired rain gear for his roof seat break. Sadly some of our “regulars” were still in England at the “post Windsor” festivities. Gracious Gertie provided no end of sandwiches, fruit and cheeses platters and homemade goodies to accompany the bubbles we discretely brought along (!) Afterwards we had a delicious meal at “Sibby’s”, arguably some of the BEST barbecue south of the Mason-Dixon Line.


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