Taproot Farm

On Sunday, September 29, carriages gathered at Taproot Farm, located in historic and picturesque Unison, Virginia.  In all there were 7 turn-outs including 2 teams of 4, 1 pair and 4 singles.  Although the leaves hadn’t reached peak color, a touch of autumn was apparent in the changing shrubbery and the third and final cutting of baled hay we viewed along the route.  No need yet for our “woolies” the temperature was most agreeable for driving.

We traveled on gravel roads, up and down hills and over bridges, stopping for rest (and Champagne — thank YOU Deb Bauserman!) at Poor House Farm, a charming Bed and Breakfast, whose proprietors are habitually welcoming to our Club despite the very brief notice they sometimes get!

We were charmed by the Village of Unison, with its quaint but beautifully restored buildings.  Mums were in colorful profusion at each doorstep.  It is a place where time seems to stand still.  The experience was enriched for us by the sounds of our horses’ hooves on otherwise quiet roads.
The sumptuous picnic that followed was hosted by PDC member Kathleen Malone, who brought platters of roast beef and ALL the fixing’s for sandwiches.  Looking back, I think that perhaps we should have had a contest to see who could create the “biggest“, the most “creative,” the “healthiest,” the “most delicious” or the “most decedent” sandwich using ingredients from the bountiful platters that were laid out before us.  Perhaps we could have supplemented the fun with a wine pairing contest as well since the selections available were varied and delicious. 


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