Ride To Thrive Exhibition Rehearsal

With eager anticipation for the upcoming Ride To Thrive Polo Match and Carriage Exhibition, scheduled for September 21 at Dr. and Mrs. Seager’s Chetwood Park, in The Plains, Virginia , five turn-outs met at Mary Munster’s Glen Bolton Farm.  Since she’s practically next door, it was a pleasure to drive from her farm (up and down and down and up the gravel road) to Chetwood on what turned out to be a beautiful autumn morning.  

Once at Chetwood, whips Mary Munster, Carl Cox, Al Baturay (driving pairs), Barbara Wolf and Wayne Porter (driving singles) assembled at the staging area.  Striving to get it all “just right” for the big day, we timed our route through the stunning farm over to the area where we would be exhibiting our carriages at the event. We carefully practiced our entrance, our pass before the “crowd” and figured out how to line up perfectly.  Satisfied that we’d represent our Club well, we enjoyed a brisk trot back to Mary’s.  It was time for lunch and Mary never disappoints!

Her dining room table was already laden with “starters”, salads, warm biscuits and the “piece de resistance“, Mary’s beef bourguignon.  There was plenty of sweet tea and wine, too!  There was even apres lunch entertainment in the form of Mary’s new baby, a 3 month old Great Dane puppy, “Diana”. It was amazing to see something that big, that young, that happy and that adept at racing ’round the table and throughout the house (rubber octopus hanging from her jaws) do so without disturbing a thing! 


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