Your Hat Lady Party

So what do members and friends of the Piedmont Driving Club do when they aren’t cleaning harness?  They plan their wardrobes, of course!  Gloves, driving aprons, sturdy shoes — while they may be important — are not much fun to shop for.  But HATS…..ah, HATS!!!!  The Club is fortunate to have a great friend in Gertie Edwards, AKA “Your Hat Lady”. So when Gertie extended an invitation to an after-hours soiree at her beautifully appointed shop we were only too happy to accept!  She provided a groaning board of sandwiches, cheeses, crackers, cookies, fruit, chips, dips……and we brought the Champagne.  A perfect pairing.  We also brought our heads…for Gertie’s HATS.  Another great pairing!  

Club members Vicki Baturay, Cynthia Daly, Caroline and Carl Cox, Wayne Humphreys were there, plus prospective members Debbie and Joe Dempsey, Debbie Nash and her mum, Barbara French.  All had a great time.  Indeed a couple of the named gents bought HATS and most of the named ladies bought several!  Would you believe that afterwards we all gathered at Café Torino for dinner????  Great way to extend a celebration!

Gertie Edwards can be reached at 540 349 9999 and her shop can be viewed on Facebook at:


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