Lost Creek Winery

We were promised torrential rain, intermittent thunder storms, oppressive humidity and high temperatures.  We would have none of it, so we left our horses, ponies, carriages, carts, harness – and our hopes of driving – back in our barns.

We were also promised WINE.  If that wouldn’t be enough to encourage our travel to the picturesque Lost Creek Winery in Loudoun County, Virginia, we knew there would be a fine array of box lunches waiting for us as well.Twenty two members and guests of the Piedmont Driving Club upheld our record of having a grand time together even in the absence of our beloved pastime.  No driving today?  No worries!  We entertained ourselves first by participating in a tasting of 4 wines.  These we sniffed, swirled, sampled, swallowed, rated and berated, discussed and discerned, and in some cases enjoyed enough to order several bottles.  Amazing that we could have this much fun with wine when one considers that about 1/3 of the group rarely, if ever, indulges!  Good sports.  No one even complained when we departed the tasting room and stepped out into mild temperatures and blue skies.  (So much for the forecast!)

The main event wasn’t the wine or the food but rather the opportunity to chat, laugh, tell our stories and visit with each other.  We also were able to plan a couple of future drives.  Look for us next Sunday at Temple Hall Farm in Loudoun County.  Oh yes, and afterwards you might want to drop by Fabbioli Cellars (adjacent to the farm).  We have a case of wine waiting…  


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