Polo Practice at Foxlease Farm

On again, off again, on again….that’s how best to describe our carriage sojourn at Foxlease!  With very little notice, we put together a drive to watch polo.  Then, with even less notice, polo was cancelled.  Some of us decided to go anyway and, yes, a few polo players decided at the last minute that they’d put in some practice.  It was thought that the weather would be too hot, and also that the field might be too wet.  Wrong again!  The late afternoon and early evening temperatures were PERFECT for the drive, the polo practice and the picnic which followed.  

How do you have a “picnic drive” with only 2 carriages?  Well, when there is an enthusiastic group that includes the Club President, Vice President, Chairman of the Picnic Drive Committee, the Social & Activities Chairperson, a Founding Member of the Club plus numerous guests, it turns out very well indeed.  Carl Cox loaded his roof seat break with guests.  Catherine Mackay-Smith Kempson, drove her pony “Farnley Prima Donna” with trainer Maryalice Larkin-Matheson and her unrelenting “Joaquin” on board.  Everyone else relied on the “horseless carriages” that conveyed the tables, chairs and all of the delicious picnic fare.  Champagne and assorted beverages came in the copper-lined, ice packed “boot” of the break.  

Distinguished guests included Doug and Queenie Kemmerer, from whose Innisfree Farm we drove, as well as Molly Savage’s dad, Brooke and his wife Donna — “first timers” all around (for carriage riding, polo-picnicing, and in watching their Molly seamlessly handle responsibility for grooming, harnessing, hitching and transporting Carl’s team!)  For those of you who wish you were there, we’ve included lots of pictures.  Observe closely and you’ll see that Joaquin somehow managed a seat on the break as well….


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