Smitten Farm

“Experience….Planning….Attention to Detail…”  Look up any of these and beside their definitions you’ll see pictures of Tom & Barbara Wolf, veteran organizers of the PDC picnic drive at Smitten Farm in The Plains, Virginia.  They left NOTHING to chance.  Maps were given to each whip and the route was carefully marked.  Although it was “go as you please with a turn around at any point”, not one of the eight turn-outs chose to shorten their trip.  Certainly nobody wanted to miss the well groomed and shady rest stop where the Wolf’s provided bottomless glasses of Champagne, baskets of cheese straws, chips and Marci Bade’s home made filo “cups.” 

We were privileged to drive the manicured roads thru Smitten which led to  quiet country roads dotted with lovely estates — over 7 miles in all, and most of that in pleasant shade!  Guiding their carriages and guests through this magnificent venue were whips Carl Cox (team), Mary Munster (pair), Al Baturay (pair), Caroline Collomb (pair), Barbara Wolf (Sheba….and if you don’t know who SHEBA is, you haven’t been reading this website!), Lisa Anderson (single), Marci Bade (single)and Deb Bauserman (single).  (A note on the Bauserman turn-out:  next drive for them will be in Acadia Park, Maine!!!!! — We want pictures!)
Once back, with equines sponged off and carriages loaded, the group made way to the picnic tables on which Barbara had thoughtfully placed flowers from her garden along side a cauldron of well-iced wines.  The tables were barely visible once all the food was set up — summer casseroles, quiche, chicken, salads, fruit, cheeses, dips, deserts — everything one has come to expect from a PDC “picnic”!  Moving deftly through the seated picnic-ers was Vicki Baturay with an iced pitcher of Margaritas — a welcome touch!  Wonderful hosts that they are, the Wolfs had found plenty of shade and managed to keep the rain away (yes, somehow they were responsible for this…) until everyone had gathered, eaten, drank, rested, visited and recounted the high points of the day.  The Club was happy to welcome itinerant President Anne Watkins back from her tour of Russia (!) as well as new members Mark Duffell and Dixie Nofsinger.  Thus ended another memorable day, thanks to Tom and Barbara Wolf!  



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