Philip Carter Winery

Per the mission statement for Philip Carter Winery, “Our focus is to promote a gracious way of living through experiences in wine, culture and the arts.”  And so it was that they provided the venue for a meeting of the Piedmont Driving Club which was so generously hosted by members Bob and Leslie Yarbrough.  What could be more “gracious” than a parade of correctly appointed carriages through their magnificent grounds?  And, afterwards,  what better “experience” could there be than the opportunity to sample their delicious wines along with a sumptuous luncheon?  

There were eight turn-outs in all:  Carl Cox with his team put to a roof seat break, Dr. Tom Burgess (President, CAA) with his pair of Freisians, Caroline Collomb with her pair of Haflingers, Al Baturay with his pair of Haflingers, Barbara Wolf with her eye-catching crossbred mare, Lisa Anderson with her Dutch Warmblood gelding, Linda Wilkins with her Quarter Horse gelding, and Wayne Porter with his attractive bay mare.

But let’s not be distracted by the venue, the wine, the food, the camaraderie….members of the Piedmont Driving Club came to DRIVE, and drive they did!  Although it was a warm day, the cloud cover and the breezes were sufficient to keep everyone comfortable.  Upon reaching the rest stop, there was a well-iced rum punch and cool cucumber sandwiches for those on board the carriages….and buckets of water and even sponge baths for those pulling them!  Bob Yarborough, the consummate host, had thought of EVERYTHING. 

One only needs to look at the pictures to understand that words just cannot describe the beauty and grandeur of the route taken.  Simply breath-taking!     


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