July 4th Carriage Exhibition

The Piedmont Driving Club was pleased to be invited to display carriages in a parade at Great Meadow in conjunction with the Independence Day Celebration.

The 7 whips who chose to participate included Carl Cox with his 4 in Hand of black geldings put to a Fenix Roof Seat Break; Mary Munster with her pair of Friesian mares put to a Khunle Presentation  vehicle; Al Baturay with his pair of Haflingers put to a Kuhnle fun-liner; Barbara Wolf with her cross-bred mare, Sheba, put to a high riding village road cart; Pat McCann with her TB/Saddlebred gelding, Jay, put to a Bird in Hand Flyer; Alcinda Hatfield, with her Norwegian Fjord crossbred gelding, Buster Brown,  put to a Meadowbrook; and Marci Bade with her Haflinger, Maya, put to a Bird in Hand wagonette.

Club member Cynthia Daily announced each turn-out and did a wonderful job in describing each carriage to the audience of 20,000-30,000 very appreciative spectators.  In addition to naming each whip, guest(s) and groom(s), she described the history and mission of the Club.  She also managed to enlighten the crowd as to the reasons we wear driving aprons, carry whips, have grooms and other information that perhaps was not known to the general public.  GREAT job, Cynthia!

Through the generosity of the Great Meadow Foundation, the Club was provided 2 rail spaces on which to have our picnic and watch the fireworks that evening.  Most of us stayed until nearly midnight to enjoy the very traditional 4th of July spread brought by Club members (fried chicken, salads, salmon, cheeses, dips, chips, assorted deserts).  Our good friend Erica had taken pictures of each turn-out during the parade and  kindly displayed these on her lap top, while over glasses of bubbly and glasses of delicious fruity concoctions Club members and guests relived the “high points” of this memorable day.

The Piedmont Driving Club was successful once again in sharing with  a great many people the elegance, skill and just plain FUN of carriage driving!


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