Practice Drive at Great Meadow

Since we were rained out on Sunday, it was decided – rather quickly – that as many “carriagers” as could should show up at Great Meadow for a practice drive, in preparation for the Piedmont Driving Club exhibition scheduled for July 4.  It was a hot, muggy day but that did not deter Carl Cox, Mary Munster, Barbara Wolf and Marci Bade from harnessing and hitching and executing a good working trot around the race course!  These four intrepid Club members worked out the details for the carriage parade which would ultimately have 7 turn-outs (a 4 in Hand, 2 pair of horses, 2 single horses and 2 single ponies).  Among those lending support to this effort were Kitty Newman and Pat McCann.  Both took seats in the carriages, along with Great Meadow Event organizer, Kim Shelly.

What we discovered is that Great Meadow is a FABULOUS venue for our Club.  The staff was welcoming and very carriage-friendly.  Parking is ample and the greens and roads are just perfect for a nice trot!  Since we were in “rehearsal” mode, the group put together an impressive, albeit impromptu picnic.  We’re hoping that this could be a fore-runner to a more lavish spread once we organize a future picnic drive at Great Meadow.  Thank you, Marci, for the delicious salad, deviled eggs, and assorted cheeses/crackers.  Don’t know how she does it, but Barbara always manages to pull something tasty out of her trailer — even with her impossibly tight schedule.  This time it was a bowl of yummy homemade coleslaw.  The Coxes can always be counted on to pop open a bottle or two of Champagne to round out any PDC gathering.  All in all, we had a GREAT time and managed, we think, to put together a very promising plan for the Club’s debut at the Great Meadow festivities on the 4th.


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