Innisfree Farm

‘Twas a lovely day in mid June, Father’s Day in fact, that Mr. Doug Kemmerer again hosted the Piedmont Driving Club at Innisfree Farm in Bluemont, Va.  This time Doug had prepared a route which included a rest stop atop a lovely green knoll.  Mary Munster, with help from “team Baturay” treated us all to champagne and assorted munchies while Doug related how he and others were instrumental in preserving this spectacular piece of land.  In the evening, one can watch the sun set behind one hill while observing the moon rise over the other — quite an amazing spectacle!

The carriage roads that surround Innisfree are unparalleled and we were delighted to travel nearly 7 miles before gathering back at the stable for lunch.  Caroline provided chilled salmon and everyone else filled in with salads, sesame noodles, wines, appetizers and (of course) wonderful deserts.

Although Bob and Lesley Yarborough did not drive their new pony pair, they and their lovely daughter celebrated Father’s Day with “Team Cox” (Carl’s wagonette drawn by his 4 “black boys”.)  Who KNEW that lawyers come so young these days….?….and who knew that Leslie and Bob could have a daughter who is not only charming and beautiful but also a law school grad?!  


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