Oakwood farm

It was a privilege for the Club to traverse the beautiful Oakwood Farm property, which consists of about 800 acres of rolling fields, trails and farm roads. The views are unparalleled. The carefully restored mansion dates back, in part, to the Revolutionary War and both it and the copious gardens have been featured on the Virginia Garden Week tour. We think that there is no better way to enjoy this property than from the “box seat”!

Afterwards the picnic was held on the shaded patio surrounded with flowering plants near Caroline’s beautiful stately mansion’s pool. The table was set with colorful dinnerware, placemats and napkins with a vase of beautifully arranged flowers in the middle.

On the menu was specially seasoned grilled salmon, succulent slices of beef, diverse delectable salads, corn on the cob, cheese and crackers, delicious desserts, fruit, ice water and wine.Conversation was lively; stories of horse health issues to carriages to travel. It was a delightful afternoon in a beautiful tranquil setting with an amiable group of fellow horse lovers.


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