Glen Bolton Farm

Once again Mary Munster opened her picturesque Glen Bolton Farm, in The Plains, Virginia to fellow driving enthusiasts.  With only a week to go before the competition at the Upperville Colt and Horse Show, members of the Piedmont Driving Club were eager to refine their skills on Mary’s challenging cones course.  Always the considerate hostess, she had a huge level area closely mowed and set with cones.  Some members came to drive, others to observe.  It all looked very easy as we watched her guide her Fresian mares deftly through…but as others tried their skill we could see that indeed there must be an art and a skill and, yes, a bit of luck if one is to successfully get around the course without incurring “faults!”  Carl Cox brought his team, the first time he ever attempted cones with a 4 in Hand.  Pat McCann and Barbara Wolf each took their horses for a spin through the course.  All agreed that they had fun and, most importantly, that they learned from the experience.  It will be ON to Upperville June 9!!
Since no PDC gathering is complete without food, Mary opened her stately (and air conditioned!) home to the group.  There was barbecue and chicken and salads and — best of all – Mary’s home made gazpacho.  Did I mention that, as an option, it could be served “spiked?!”  Delicious!  

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