Blandy Farm

At Wayne Porter’s urging, the Club returned to the Virginia Arboretum at Blandy Farm.  There was enough rain on the “other side of the mountain” to douse any thought of driving in the minds of several members.  Too bad for them that they didn’t load up and travel to Blandy.  The weather was carriage friendly.  The buds of which we spoke back in March were in full bloom.  All in all, it was a lovely venue in which to drive.  

As always, the trails and roads were impeccably groomed and there was virtually no vehicular traffic.  It is a great place for a brisk trot or a leisurely walk through fields and woodlands.   Wayne, Deb Bauserman, Kitty Newman, the Baturays and Lisa Anderson took full advantage of those opportunities.  Each brought something delectable to share with guests at the picnic that followed.  Good driving, good food, good times… is the Piedmont Driving Club way! 


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