Upperville Stable Tour

 In response to a special invitation by the organizers of the Upperville Stable Tour, the Piedmont Driving Club performed a carriage driving exhibition at the beautiful Ardarra Farm, in Middleburg, Virginia.Club member Sam Davis reached well into her considerable background as both a competitor and organizer of driving shows to come up with a challenging cones course for this event.  Mr. Doug Kemmerer, himself an accomplished coachman and 4 in Hand whip provided commentary.  Visitors were treated to an array of “competitors”, ranging from single ponies, to single horses and pairs of horses.  To make the event even more special, the former World Champion Single Pony, “Cefnoakpark Bouncer” gave a dazzling exhibition of his prowess in cones.  “Bouncer,” a Welsh Cob was deftly handled by his owner, Mr. Wayne Humphreys.

Following the exhibition, all the turn outs departed Ardarra for a lovely jaunt over the quiet roads that surround the farm.  Then it was back to a shaded grove near where the trailers were parked for a pot luck luncheon.


Blandy Farm

At Wayne Porter’s urging, the Club returned to the Virginia Arboretum at Blandy Farm.  There was enough rain on the “other side of the mountain” to douse any thought of driving in the minds of several members.  Too bad for them that they didn’t load up and travel to Blandy.  The weather was carriage friendly.  The buds of which we spoke back in March were in full bloom.  All in all, it was a lovely venue in which to drive.  

As always, the trails and roads were impeccably groomed and there was virtually no vehicular traffic.  It is a great place for a brisk trot or a leisurely walk through fields and woodlands.   Wayne, Deb Bauserman, Kitty Newman, the Baturays and Lisa Anderson took full advantage of those opportunities.  Each brought something delectable to share with guests at the picnic that followed.  Good driving, good food, good times…..it is the Piedmont Driving Club way! 

Takaro Farm

Woody & Erika Offutt were married Saturday, May 11, 2013 at Trinity Church in Upperville, VA.  The reception was held in the Carriage House at their Takaro Farm in Middleburg, VA.

Woody Offutt has been a good friend to the Piedmont Driving Club, offering Takaro Farm as a venue for picnic drives.  The farm not only boasts an indoor arena where the Club has held clinics, but its idyllic location offers many miles of quiet gravel roads.  The Club is eager to celebrate their marriage with a carriage ride and picnic in their honor at Takaro.tak131

Glen Bolton Farm

GOLDCUP WEEKEND found members of the Piedmont Driving Club traveling the quiet gravel roads near, but NOT at, Great Meadow.  Although the Club has presented carriages at the Virginia Gold Cup in years gone by, it was rather nice to be out enjoying the fabulous weather without the noise and confusion that 40-50,000 race enthusiasts can provide!  The drive from Glen Bolton offered gentle hills, spectacular scenery and NO traffic.  Those who wished could remain on the farm, drive the manicured trails around the hay fields and pond, try out their skill on Mary’s cone course and then travel to a neighboring farm where polo is nearly always available to watch.

After the drive, all gathered for a pot luck picnic at the farm.  As always, the food was plentiful and spirits were high….just a great way to spend a beautiful day!