Bluebell Drive

The Piedmont Driving Club met at Club President Anne Watkin’s Kittery Point farm for the 24th Annual Bluebell Drive along the Shenandoah River.  The nine turn-outs included a 4 in Hand, 2 pair of horses, a pair of ponies, several single horses and a couple of single ponies.  ALL looked fit and fabulous!  Whips were Carl Cox, Anne Watkins, Mary Munster, Barbara Wolf, Lisa Anderson, Wayne Porter, Flora Hillman, Kathleen Malone, Kitty Newman and Maryalice Larkin-Matheson (who aptly schooled a couple of ponies in long-lines at the farm)

It was “go as you please” from Anne’s picturesque farm to the river where thousands of bluebells were stunningly in place for miles along the banks.  It was an amazing sight to be sure, and our senses were further enhanced by the sparkling water and very agreeable temperature.  To everyone’s absolute delight, we were directed to a meadow where Club member Sam Davis, assisted by Wayne’s wife Elizabeth Moore, served champagne and cheese nibbles while the horses and ponies rested.

Then we left for another trot along the river bank to the turn-around point, a dazzling waterfall, before the group gathered back at Anne’s farm.  Lunch can only be described as spectacular.  The many guests (neighbors, friends, passengers from carriages) feasted on beef tenderloin, sausage & sauerkraut, quiche, salads galore, assorted canapés, home made cookies, brownies, and even a birthday cake — thoughtfully provided by Anne to honor Carl, the Chairman of our Picnic Drive Committee.


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