Innisfree Farm

So far, the month of April has brought the Piedmont Driving Club NO showers, plenty of flowers and some of the finest weather of 2013!  Such was the case on Sunday, April 7 when the Club gathered at Innisfree Farm, home to Doug and Queenie’s impressive thoroughbred geldings.  The herd, all of whom have been trained to drive by Doug, romped and ran across lush fields…..while the Kemmerer’s had decided to forego driving and instead made preparations for the Club luncheon which was to follow the drive.  All work, no play for them on that day!

Meanwhile, 6 Piedmont Driving Club turn-outs were being readied for what turned out to be a stunning 5 mile loop over gravel roads.  In addition to legions of daffodils all along the way, there were 2 large herds of deer to be seen leaping across fences and scattering into the woods at the site of  the carriages.

The Club stopped for a rest, and some champagne of course, at a quaint churchyard  in the Village of Unison.  Then it was a brisk trot back to Innisfree for the ever important, and ever delicious “apres drive” luncheon.

Thank you Doug and Queenie Kemmerer for  being such gracious hosts to the Club and we look forward to sharing the road next time with your Four in Hand of eye-catching chestnuts! 



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