Blandy Farm

Easter weekend was cause for several Piedmont Driving Members to gather at the Virginia Arboretum, “Blandy Farm“, for a “pre-budding” spin through the gardens on March 30.

The weather was MOST agreeable and the tranquil roads were perfect for getting our equines back into the routine of delivering us to our PICNIC destination.  Carl Cox brought his “Black Boys” and turns were taken on the box by Caroline, groom Molly, and Himself.  Sam Davis and Lisa Anderson helped out with great conversation and, of course, wine consumption as the wagonnette traversed the grounds.  Al and Vicki Baturay drove one of their Haflingers and Wayne Porter & guest took up the rear with one of his geldings.  This he managed after an unfortunate malfunction by his truck — but NOTHING could deter our Wayne from enjoying the day!  

The main event turned out to be LUNCH… a delightfully prepared – and EASTER THEMED table – by Lisa, with contributions by driving and non-driving members alike.  Ham, potatoes, corn pudding, rice pilaf, salads, deviled eggs, deserts-deserts-deserts, wines and other libations…..we had it ALL!

All present agreed that we MUST return when Blandy is in full bloom.


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