Bull Run Hunt Exhibition

Through the kind invitation of the Bull Run Hunt, the Piedmont Driving Club opened its 2013 season in grand style.  We were asked to present the Flag for the singing of the National Anthem — and thus began the BRH’s “Family Fun Day at the Races”. 

 The flag was presented at the finish line by PDC members Carl and Caroline Cox, accompanied by groom Molly Savage.  Special guest on the Cox carriage was Mr. Mike Long, a joint Master of the Bull Run Hunt.  Carl led fellow PDC members Mary Munster (driving her lovely pair of Friesian mares) and Al and Vicki Baturay (driving the handsome and ever-trustworthy Nordex, a Haflinger gelding) around the race track.  In all, the group traveled about two miles over a well groomed, but hilly, course.  With no vehicular traffic, beautiful vistas, good footing, and thoroughly appreciative spectators, it turned out to be a perfect venue for 2013’s  “Inaugural” drive!
Club members and guests were provided an excellent parking spot near the finish line.  From here we enjoyed the event’s many and varied activities:  Junior and Senior Field Master races (both on the flat and over fences), “stick” races with participants from 2-10 years of age, quarter horse races, draft horse races, and a roping demonstration.  Other activities included pony rides, face painting, and an wide range of vendors.
Yes, the day turned a bit chilly, but the Bull Run Hunt was so appreciative of our participation that we stayed warm indeed!  And all who attended are looking forward to returning next year. 

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